willow watch face

Display the high-quality photos on your android wear.

Willow photo watch face, is free android wear watch face that builds to fulfill and support android wear. The optional way to show your personality on your watch.

Why Choose Willow Watch face?

Willow is more than just a watch face.

Custom image

Choose your own story and show it on your watch.

Custom font

Expose your characteristic through the character.


Free, and no ads. Just Free.

Beautiful Design

Metrial design that you can feel.

Features & Details

Built for creative people. Made for high performance.

Any photos

You can choose to show your onw photo or selecte form our high quality collection.

Any fonts

You can add your own font or select from our font gallery.

Round and square watch

We can fit it all.

Battery friendly

We design everything with our best to make your watch last longer.

High Resolution

We never provide anything that will make your watch look funny.

Modern Design

It simple and elegant.

Download & get started today!




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